65 Mustang Receives a Cowl Panel Fix

The 60′s era mustang’s front cowl is notoriously difficult to repair and susceptible to damage due to dirt clogged water drains and lack of a finished surface from the factory.

40+ years of sitting water and dirt have caused our 1965 Mustang Coupe to develop a case of cancer. To remedy this, the top cowl panel must be removed by fdirst removing the windshield, front fenders and then cutting the dozens of spot welds and carefully prying the outer panel off.
Cowl 1

Once removed, I then removed the hats to facilitate treating the rust between the 2 pieces. Cowl 3
Cowl 4 The whole process involves cutting, patching, weldiing, grinding, chemically treating and re-finishing the metal to ensure decades more of use. We used a 3M seam sealer, PPG DP40 epoxy primer to seal up and protect the hard work. 

The next order of business is the top panel  This shows the underside as it was when it came off. Cowl 2

This is what it looks like after being cleaned up and partically primed with the DP40 epoxy prime Cowl 7

The whole inside, top and bottom received a finish coat to match the new color selection.  The edges where welding will take place received a coat of weld through prime instead  of the finish paint. Cowl 8

And finally the top was installed, all the spot welds were rewelded, welds smoothed and preped, ready for primer.  After priming, the 3 sides not covered by the windshield  will be sealed up with seam sealer.  Cowl 9

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