65 Mustang Instrument Upgrade

The 65 Mustang came with very little in the way of instrumentation on the dash.   Remember, this car was designed to be sold at a very affordable price point, but personally I can’t live with the “no news is good news” scenario of indicator lights.  Indicator lights tell you what just happened.  I want to know what is happening or better yet, what might happen.  Gauges will do that for you;  So the New School Classic thing to do is perform an upgrade.

Instrument Cluster

Since this car will be more of a daily driver than a show car, I have decided to save some money and re-purposed a set of VDO Heritage Gold gauges from one of my other cars.  The bezels where removed and sent out to be nickel plated.  The faces were updated with a set of gauge faces from Aurora Custom Gauges, and even though they were not designed to fit VDO’s they definitely look better than the originals.  Next was a 6 gauge bezel Kar Mustang to house them.   The bezel is plastic and did require a little massaging to get a good fit.  Plain black looked a little blah, so I created the chrome looking trim with Mirra Chrome paint from Alsa Corp.  This also added symmetry to the dash as a whole since the glove box door has the same oval shape with chrome trim on the edge.

This upgrade adds full instrumentation, with Volt meter, Temperature, Oil Pressure, Fuel Level, Tachometer, and programmable Speedometer which will come in handy when calibrating it to the new tires,  transmission, and differential gears.

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