New School Classics was founded by a father/son team in San Diego to represent a style of cars that are at times, frowned upon. This “club” hopes to change that perspective by showing the proper way of blending the new school products with the classic cars we all love.

Why do this? Simple! Today we have the ability to improve performance, comfort and convenience of the Classics such as the Mustang, Nova, Chevelle, Challenger and more. These modifications include improved engines with power adders such as electronic fuel injection, improved suspension parts like the new style coilovers and big brake kits that include upwards or 12 mini piston calipers for unsurpassed stopping power. With drive ability in mind, air conditioning, stereos and electric seats can be addded to make the classic a much more modern with out sacrificing the true classic lines of the car.

Don’t mistake this as a retro car that many manufactures have released. These are not meant to be a throw back to the past. These classics are still classic in spirit and style.